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Body Crash

Body Crash

Talk about a pile up!

Emma Hack, the very talented skin painter/illustrator from this post, has used painted people to form a car! If you enjoyed this story about human bodies painted and shaped into motorcycles, you will love this.

Painted Human Sculpture

She used 17 men and women to create this image. She painted them and laid them into the perfect form of a vehicle. The campaign was created in support of the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia. The image is meant to highlight the dangers of low-level speeding.

Make sure you check out the video above to get a Behind-The-Scenes look at “Body Crash”.

Photos © Emma Hack via Artlog



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Author: lauren

4 Comments to “Body Crash”
  1. wow! incredible work by both artist AND models! very very impressive and for such a good cause! good on ya! (applauds)

  2. omg.i love ripleys my favorite was the girl who died but still had her hair eyelashes and never decomposed. plz reply

  3. That’s so awesome! I wonder how she does it….


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