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Cardboard Origami Bike

Cardboard Origami Bike

$9 Cardboard Bike

Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni likes a challenge, so when three different engineers told him it was impossible to make a working bike out of cardboard, he rose to the challenge. Gafni discovered that by using the principles of origami, he could make a strong, weight-bearing bike capable of carrying a rider up to 485 lbs!  The bike is durable and weatherproof. Best of all, it is economical and eco-friendly.  The materials only cost $9.  Pair that with labor, and the bike is projected to sell for $60-$90.  Giora Kariv is a friend of Gafni’s and made a documentary about the bike.  He predicts:

It’s going to be a game-changer in the bike world.  Like Henry Ford who made the car available to anybody, this bike is going to be cheap and available to any child in the world, including children in Africa who walk dozens of miles to school everyday.

So how does Gafni make his bike?  Check out Kariv’s short documentary below.  It is truly unbelievable!


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2 Comments to “Cardboard Origami Bike”
  1. Where do I get one?? I need a bike that won’t rust at the coast!

  2. I would love to know if these will be available as build kits, or if they are complete only? Great idea

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