Believe It or Not!
Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon

Miracle Pooch

Suzie is a poodle mix who just had the most terrifying ride of her life!  Suzie ran out into the street and was hit by passing car.  The driver felt the impact, but when they got out of the car to investigate, they didn’t see the pup anywhere. They assumed the dog ran away after being hit.


Crossing the Border

The driver drove about 11 miles and crossed the border from Massachusetts to Rhode Island before a passerby got the driver’s attention to tell them there was a dog stuck in the front grill of their car!  When Suzie was hit, she had gotten lodged into the front of the car.  Miraculously Suzie survived with very little injury.  She suffered a concussion and minor scrapes and bruises.

Home Sweet Home

Suzie’s parents were missing their pet for about two weeks when they saw news reports of the amazing story.  Apparently Suzie had escaped from her gated yard and had gone looking for trouble when the incident occurred.   After two weeks of missing their pet, they thought they would never see Suzie again…until she turned on the news.  The family is now reunited, and they say they will walk her on a leash from now on instead of letting her roam the backyard.

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