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Nice Tan

The latest craze on the beaches of China is the facekini. Fear of UV rays is the catalyst for this bank-robber-turned-surfer look. Unlike the US where golden brown skin is the prize for basking in the sun, China has a different take.  Dark, tanned skin symbolizes the lower class.  It indicates a life of peasant hood, toiling in the fields, and hard outdoor labor.  On the other hand, fair skin implies affluence; the lighter your skin, the more pampered and successful you appear.

The sun shunning doesn’t
stop with the face.  Women
on the beaches of Qingdao,
China can be seen in full
wetsuits that cover their
arms and legs. More
coverage = less sun exposure.

I want one!

So, thinking of picking up a facekini for yourself? Online retailers sell the fad item for the affordable price of 15-25 yuan (or $2-$4, US).  Hey, it’s cheaper than sunblock, but I’m not sure I would want to look like the ghosts from Pac-Man to save some cash.

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Author: suzanne

6 Comments to “Facekini”
  1. LOL. Lame o.o

  2. Some people should not be allowed to wear thongs at the beach, or bikinis, or even 2-piece suits. The facekini lets them show a physique that would prompt a Greenpeace intervention and still conceal their identities.

  3. hahaha
    thats weird!
    didn`t know chinese lacked nuts in nutshell!

  4. They look like robbers!!!

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