Believe It or Not!
Family Circle

Family Circle

Surrogate Grandma

When Emily Jordan was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2010 and had an operation that made her unable to have children, she never thought she be able to have a biological child.  So when her mom, Cindy Reutzel, 53, offered to carry her baby, they decided to embark on an unbelievable parenting journey together. 

“The thought of Emily and Mike not being able to have children and share that piece of their lives with someone just broke my heart,” Reutzel said. “I want Emily to have that connection with another human being like I had with her.”

Unconditional Love

Both mother and daughter went through psychological and physical tests before Emily’s egg and her husband’s sperm were implanted in Cindy.  The child is 100% the biological offspring of Emily and her husband. The baby, Elle Cynthia Jordan, was deliverd by cesarean section earlier this month.  Mother, grandmother, and child are all doing well.

Photo Credit: Sitthixay Ditthavong/AP

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