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If your golf game is anything like mine, your ball magically finds its way into every water hazard. No matter how hard I try to avoid them, there seems to be a magnetic pull to the wet abyss.  I usually walk to the water and see if I can fish my ball out.  However, I just came across one golf course where that practice could be deadly.

The Carbrook Golf Club, in Brisbane, Australia, has a water hazard full of sharks.  A few years ago a local river flooded and broke its banks.  The sharks left their home and found new lodging at the 15th hole. Currently six, 10-foot bull sharks call the course their home. Don’t believe it?  Play the course yourself.  Once you see the shark fins poking out of the water, you’ll be a believer!  If you can’t make it Down Under, check out the video of the golf course sharks. This is one course where you need to be on your game!

[Source: Sky News]

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