Believe It or Not!
Meet Kuratas!

Meet Kuratas!

You too can own a robot!

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For the mere price tag of $1.35 million, this 13-foot tall, 10,000 lbs machine can be yours! This manned robot may cost a pretty penny, but boy does it look like fun.  Suidobashi Heavy Industry unveiled this piece at  Wonder Fest 2012, an annual hobby convention in Tokyo, Japan.  The bulky robot has a humanoid design, with a pivot waist and jointed arms.  The chest is the command center, equipped with a pilot’s seat and steering controls.  Get claustrophobic?  No problem.  If you don’t want to board the small cockpit, you can operate your Kuratas with a smartphone.  And of course, no robot is complete without weapon arms.

This baby can blast 6,000 BB rounds per minute.  How do you fire?  With a smile, of course.  Kuratas has a built in feature where your smile triggers the weapon! Check out the video below for a demo of  “The Smile Shot”

So, how do you get one?  Easy, just go to the Suidobashi Heavy Industry site and custom build your own.  You can choose everything, from  choice of weapon, to special parts, to color and cockpit interior.  A drink holder will only cost you an extra $100.  But hey, what’s an extra $100 when you have a cool $1.35 mill to get you started?




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  1. muhahahhahaaaa i’m going to get this huge guy and scare the crap out of my friends especially some mean person who used to bug me alot and pissed me off too much

  2. kuratas is so awesome!!!

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