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Neurotic Brunch

Neurotic Brunch

Obsessive Compulsive?  Dine Here.

Ivo Vos is a product and interaction designer, based in London.  His latest line caters towards those who prefer their catering, well, catered to.  Vos’ line, Brunch, is a brunch set specifically designed for those of us who like a little control with our breakfast.

Toaster can be angled to eject toast directly onto your plate

Vos was inspired to create the line after he had interviewed an existential therapist.

 ”Neuroses arise from people believing they lead meaningless lives.  This inspired me to design products that make us aware of the significance of banal activities.”

Brunch allows one to indulge in mundane tasks and precise planning.  Every aspect of this breakfast experience can be plotted, exacted, and consumed in a tailored fashion.

Digital teaspoon and creamer measure

 The Line

So what does this ritualistic breakfast set comprise of?

  • A toaster that can be angled to eject toast directly onto a plate
  • A teapot with an ultrasonic sensor that measures the distance to the table, and a rotation sensor to detect when the tea is being poured
  • Graphed place setting for precise alignment
  • Bread slicer to measure the exact thickness of toast
  • Teaspoon with a digital scale to measure sugar
  • Creamer measure

Cutlery and plates can be aligned exactly

I’ve been waiting for this my whole life

Do you have a touch of neurosis?  Does obsessive-compulsive describe you?  Will this breakfast set make everything in the world seem right in again? TOO BAD!  You’re going to have to wait a bit longer. Vos has built the prototypes -except for the toaster which still needs some engineering- he is just waiting for a manufacturer.  If you are looking for a kickstarter, here is your shot! You can contact Ivo Vos here.

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Precise bread slicer

Sensor teapot

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2 Comments to “Neurotic Brunch”
  1. I have to say as a precision machinist. I want this so bad. I may not have OCD but I appreciate this for the precision.

  2. I’m secretly OCD.. I want this so bad.

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