Believe It or Not!
Poo Wifi

Poo Wifi

Wireless Swap

Who said cleaning up after your pup can’t be rewarding? The Mexican internet provider, Terra, has come up with an innovative idea on how to keep you cleaning up after your pooch.  Drop your pet’s poo in the designated bin, and Terra will provide free wifi.

The bigger the poo
the more wifi you get

Pound per Pound

Terra has set up special bins all around Mexico City that calculates free wifi time for everyone based on the weight of your, um, “deposit”.  You have to check out the video posted at the top of the blog made by DDB Mexico.  It’s a hilarious solution to a messy problem.



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Author: suzanne

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  1. Then you put something else in there, to substitute the poop. Then free internet for all. LOL.

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