Believe It or Not!
Ripley's: We Love our Dogs

Ripley’s: We Love our Dogs

Pictured is Robert Ripley with a howling hound!

Fan Submission: Benny

With one extra leg (that’s 5 paws and 3 elbows!) this pooch can only use three of his legs. But he seems to be getting on quite nicely! A wonderful woman named Leah adopted Benny as a puppy and has raised him to be a happy, healthy and playful pup!

Benny was featured in our latest annual Dare to Look!

Hopping around

Hopping Canine In 1932, Nellie, a dog with no front legs who belonged to Dr. P.W. Horner from Elkhart, Indiana, used to move around by “hopping” along, balanced on her hind legs and tail.

Caddy Dog

Working Dog William Beck managed to train his Labrador Retriever as a golf caddy. The dog offered the added advantage of being especially good at retrieving lost balls.

The Dog Named Ripley

Found abandoned, this poodle was cleaned and brought back to health from his previous abuse. He recovered completely from his physical abuse and learned to be social and less tense and nervous. His miraculous and healthy recovery prompted the owners to name him Ripley!

As seen in Ripley’s Believe it or not: Strikingly True Annual!

When Ripley was Found

Ripley After He Was Cleaned!

Wearing Your Dog’s Coat

Victoria Pettigrew hated throwing away the hair from her pet Chow’s brush after grooming. So she decided to spin it into yarn! Her idea has prompted pet lovers across the U.S.A. to wear their pets’ hair with pride—in bed, to the shops, and even to the beach.

Clean it well or you'll smell like wet dog!


Do you Dare to Look!?

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