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Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant

Cyborg Cabaret

Tokyo has a new eatery in town: the Robot Restaurant.  Robot Restaurant might not be what you think.  Robots are not cooking  meals and serving dishes. Robots are putting on a show.

Do the Robot

Construction of the club came at the hefty price tag of $125 million and took 3 years to build.  Included in the price are three custom-made female robots that are controlled by bikini-clad dancers.  The dancers sit on the lap of the robot and controls all its movements, including smiles and winks.


The club boasts
3 female robots:
a blonde,
a brunette,
and a redhead

Fighting Females

The theme for the robot show is ‘Fighting Females’. Each performance is about an hour long. Halfway through the show is intermission where diners are a fed a bento box dinner.  After intermission, the ladies return to the stage in military uniforms and ride robot vehicles through the crowd.  The show closes with the dancers zipping through the air in a mini airplane. Cost of this amazing production: 4,000 yen ($51 US).  If the pictures are any indication, I would say this show is worth every penny.



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  1. you will be shockt

  2. I went to this place and it’s absolutely insane…

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