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Beach Art

Andres Amador is an amazing American artist who uses the earth as his canvas.  His amazing sand paintings have graced beaches around the world.


Andres creates his masterpieces with a
modified rake.  He
says the beach tells
him what to draw

Grownup Sandbox

Andres was most recently featured at the International Beach Art Exposition.  Amador describes himself as a “perfectionist” and he carefully plots out his work before his rake hits the sand.  He only has a few hours to create, and enjoy his work.  After a couple hours, the tide rolls in washes away everything he so meticulously designed.

 Aerial View

Andres’ art cannot be truly appreciated until viewed up high.  His grand vision is lost when looked at closeup.  To get a really good shot, photographers have used mountains, hills, and helicopters to take photos of his work.

For more Andres Amador Sand Paintings, visit his website at


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