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Siamese Snake

Siamese Snake

Two Heads are Better than One

When workers near the home of Savanna and Preston Logan found a two-headed snake, they gave it to the siblings to care for.

Svanna wants to name the snake “Oreo”, but Preston favors “Billy-Bob”


What makes this one so rare?

In general , two-headed snakes are rare. However, most conjoined snakes have two heads side-by-side. THIS snake has a head on each end!  The kids are so excited with their new pet, they have been showing it off at school. The snake is real tiny, only measuring a few inches long.  At first they thought it might be some kind of worm, but their local high school biology department at Ware Shoals High School helped identify the creepy creature as a rough earth snake, which can only grow to 10 inches, tops.


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Author: suzanne

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  1. Weird looking but cute as well

  2. oh my god. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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