Believe It or Not!
The Mouse House, Cremains & a Knife Throwing Breast Surgeon

The Mouse House, Cremains & a Knife Throwing Breast Surgeon

Encore of Episode 53

Forty years ago this fall, Walt Disney World opened near Orlando, Florida, and the state, city and the world has not been the same since. Disneyphile Chad Emerson has compiled a book of essays from Disney aficionados around the world to celebrate the four decades of the Mouse House and he shares with us some of the more unusual and amazing of the stories. Intern Abby tells us about a Knife Throwing Breast Surgeon, Sideshow impresario Ward Hall tells Tim that there is still validity in exhibiting freaks for entertainment, author Dan Schlossberg covers some of the strange things we’re likely to experience during the 2011 Major League Baseball Season, and Buck Wolf reveals what a lot of families are doing with the ashes of their recently departed. We hear further strange stories from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book on Baseball Oddities, and while no one in the ensemble has received their invitation to the royal wedding yet, Edward tells us that fruitcakes can play an important part in British wedding customs– all on the September 3rd Episode of the Ripley Radio Oddcast.

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