Believe It or Not!
The Oddest Job in the World

The Oddest Job in the World

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Ever wonder how we collect all our unbelievable exhibits?  It doesn’t just show up on our doorstep- we seek it out!  Enter Edward Meyer.


Edward is our VP of Archives and Exhibits, but that title sounds too stuffy for what he does.  I like to think of him as our Intrepid Collector of All Things Weird and Unusual.  Sure, the title is a bit too long to put on a business card, but it is definitely more appropriate!

Edward is the driving force behind every new Ripley’s acquisition.  Once a year he takes a trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the art competition, ArtPrize. When he came back, I just had to pick his brain.

The Junk Yard Music Box

Some Quick Questions

Why ArtPrize?

It’s a great art contest where the whole town gets involved.  ArtPrize started 4 years ago, we have bought pieces every year and have attended for the last three years.  Some of our most amazing pieces have come from ArtPrize.

How many will you buy?

We traditionally get about 12-15 pieces through ArtPrize.  So far this year year we have already purchased six pieces and working on acquiring more. We got a great jellybean portrait called “Seven to Fourteen”, a picture made entirely from beer caps called “Icarus”, and we are buying sections of a giant piece, “The Junkyard Music Box”.

What are your favorites from this year?

My absolute favorite is “Persistence”. It’s an old-fashioned Zoetrope with a strobe light that flashes on the figures as they move around.  It is a VERY Ripley piece.  I also love this huge dragon made out of recycled materials called “Norm”.  It is so realistic, it leaves nothing to the imagination!

Any advice for the ArtPrize contestants?

Yes, next year they are splitting the competition up. They will do one in Grand Rapids, and one in Jacksonville, FL.  It’s great because I  get to travel to two art competitions, but not so good for the artists-they are splitting up the prize money too!


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