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Top 12 of 2012

Top 12 of 2012

Happy (almost) New Year!

Let’s take a look back at 12 of the favorite posts from 2012! Starting with Last January and working our way to December, this year we had a number of amazing stories on our blog. Did your favorite make the list?


After searching for her diamond wedding ring Swedish couple Lena and Ola Paahlsson gave up hope. It wash’t until 16 years later that she notice a carrot that had an unusual bit of luster sprouting from within its top. When she pulled the carrot out of the ground she found her white-gold band with seven small diamonds, it was her lost wedding ring! Read more Here


Meet Otis, the ultimate skydiving dog. This 10 year old pug has joined his master on dozens of skydiving expeditions, of course they go tandem. Otis has been skydiving for 9 years and he, with his owner Will DeSilva, have had over 60 jumps together. Check out the video!


Aaron Fotheringham is a world-renowned extreme wheelchair athlete. Fortheringham has Spina Bifida and has used a wheelchair since he was three years old. But Aaron never let anything stop him. He has performed on a fifty-foot ramp-to-ramp jump, doing double backflips. In New Zealand he performed the world’s first wheelchair frontflip! We find his talents and passion pretty unbelievable! See More Here!


Darius is the world’s largest bunny. At only 2 years old he is 49 lbs and stretching to a length of 4 feet, 3 inches from nose to puffy tail! His owner, Annette Edwards, plans to bulk the bunny up another lbs! He has a pretty good diet with 12 carrots a day, and hay, cabbage, apples, and of course rabbit mix. Darius is now on tour all over the world, he is even bringing out a book for children! Check out more cute pictures.


“Flesh Love”. Tokyo artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi vacuum packs couples in a 100x150x74 cm plastic bag! The idea is to keep love fresh forever…. how, um… romantic? Kawaguchi has the couples get into the bag and after the air is sucked out of the bag by a vacuum cleaner, he has 10-20 seconds to take his pictures. Anything longer could be dangerous. So far 80 couples have participated and the photographs are quite amazing. Here are more unbelievable pictures!


How’s your golf game? If you are anything like me, your ball manages to find it’s water to the water every time. This is normally fine, but at the Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane, Australia it takes on a new meaning to the term “water hazard”. The water on their 15th hole is full of sharks! There are currently six 10-foot bull sharks that call this course home. You better master your land game before you play this course! But first, watch the video


Arguably the most heroic story from this year was about Kabang the dog who saved the lives of two girls. Dina, age 9, and Princess, age 3, were crossing a busy street in Zamboanga City, Phillipines their family dog saw a motorcycle barreling down toward them. Kabang leaped in front of the motorcycle and saved the girls! Kabang knocked the motorist off the bike, but her upper snout got caught in the wheel. Thankfully she survived and is currently being treated at UC Davis in California. If you would like to donate to Kabang you can here, and follow her progress at the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital. You can also read more on our blog! Click Here.


Felix Baumgartner successful completed what many would consider the most unbelievable stunt ever. Baumgartner AKA “Fearless Felix” became the world’s first super sonic skydiver. That’s right, He jumped from space! He had a 24 mile free fall, broke the sound barrier, reached 833.9 mph, was the first person to go faster than the speed of sound without the assistant of an aircraft, and had over 8 million people watch live on YouTube! Watch the clip now!


Kittiwat Unarrom creates some pretty gruesome pieces. But don’t worry – these severed body parts are made out of bread! Unarrom is a Thai artist whose family runs a bakers. Even though they look scary, they are pretty tasty to eat! Think of the dinner talk if you served some of these at your next party. More pictures here.


The first Sunday of September in Zundert, Netherlands is the annual Bloemencorso Flower Parade. This spectacular parade has been held every year since 1936. But these aren’t normal floats, these are amazing works of art! Only dahlia flowers are allowed in the parade, which decorate each giant float. It takes hundreds of workers and thousands of flowers to complete each one. More amazing floats here.


Look closely, because this is not your average motorcycle picture. The woman on the motorcycle is body painted head to toe. But that bike she is sitting on, isn’t a bike, it is more people body painted! They used professional yoga instructors to contort into the motorcycles and with the help of Tina Merry, professional Bodypaint Artist, they created some spectacular pieces! Check out the video and more pictures!


Talk about right brain, left brain! 24-year-old Siyuan Checn from China is not only able to write with both hands simultaneously, she cane write in TWO SEPARATE LANGUAGES AT THE SAME TIME! Wow! When Chen was learning English she found the only was to finish all of her homework in time was to double her efforts! Watch the video to see for yourself!

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  1. i could look at these stuff everyday i jus luv it

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