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Coney Island Marvels: Knife Throwing and Light Bulb Eating

Coney Island Marvels: Knife Throwing and Light Bulb Eating


No two words in the English language epitomize the world of the strange, weird and beautiful more than Coney Island. This week, Ripley Radio takes a look at a couple of the well known  Coney Island Marvels – world famous performers who have tread the boardwalk of Coney Island many times during their lives.

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  • We feature Todd Robbins, who has eaten more than 4,000 glass light bulbs during his sideshow days speaks of his illustrious career and The Great Throwdini, world champion knife thrower, tells us that it really isn’t hard to find assistants.
  • Also this week, we visit the Believe It or Not! Odditorium in Newport, Ore. and possibly learn the true identity of the real D.B. Cooper; and we hear of the tragic fate of a king who threw his first seven wives over a cliff to their deaths!

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Author: Tim O'Brien

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