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Typhoid Mary & A Tree in Disneyland

Typhoid Mary & A Tree in Disneyland


In the early 1900s, Typhoid Mary cooked for people and they soon became very ill or died. It was that simple, but was she a typhoid carrier?  Fran Capo joins us this week to discuss Mary Malone, better known as Typhoid Mary, from the research she did for a chapter in her new book, Myths and Mysteries of New York.   

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Walt Disney loved a big old fig tree growing along a residential street in Anaheim, Calif., so much that he sent his Imagineers out to take a casting of its roots and trunk to bring back and built an exact replica at Disneyland to house what is now known as Tarzan’s Treehouse.  Popular culture historian Chris Epting found the tree and climbed it.  He reports.


Other Crazy, Funky, Unusual and Unbelievable Things Discussed This Week:


    • A Catholic Nun from Ionia College had an expensive gambling habit and lost nearly a half million dollars of her college’s funds in Atlantic City.  She was arrested and mustnow make restitution. Quite a Sister’s Act, we presume.

      Typhoid Mary 1909


    • Bowser Beer Company makes beer brewed especially for dogs, including the tasty treat Labrador Lager. The group of taste-testing terriers has proven it safe for consumption.


    • A Zombie Boot Camp now operates in Britain and teaches students how to survive a Zombie Invasion.  Reservations required.


    • Wear Milk?  Return Intern Abby reports on an award-winning new fabric – made entirely from German, organic milk.  It’s soft to the body and is good for the skin, Abby notes.


    • Sideshow queen The Great Cindini helped author Amber Karlins succeed on five new challenges in Karlins’ just released book, My Year of Living Fearlessly. She talks about coaching her through the skills, from walking on glass to eating fire!


    • You will be amazed at the number of crazy lawsuits that are being filed out there, wasting resources and costing us all money! Angela researched a few of the more unbelievable claims AND the unbelievable outcome of several of the more ridiculous assertions.


  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Hollywood has just reopened with a brand new show. All original displays and a fresh approach to the weird side of Hollywood!  Ripley’s archivist walks us through some of the more unbelievable exhibits.

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