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Dislocationists, Contortionists & Elastic People
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Dislocationists, Contortionists & Elastic People

Lorrain Chevalier

A direct descendant of the Chevalier Troupe of acrobats, Lorraine Chevalier of Philadelphia, PA, was actually able to sit on her own head!

The family claims that in 200 years only one person per generation of Chevaliers was suited for this type of work.


The Human Belt

Los Angeles dancer Miss Renee DeLue and her partner, Ruby Dale, demonstrate their version of a human belt.

Appreciative audiences put them on a pedestal for many years (August 29, 1946)


F. Velez Campos

F. Velez Campos, dislocationist, strikes a peculiar pose in Fortuna, Puerto Rico (September 23, 1933)

Human Flag

Perry L Biddle of DeFuniak Springs, FL, hoists himself up into a human flag position on his ninetieth birthday!

90 year old Perry L Biddle

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Author: Amy

3 Comments to “Dislocationists, Contortionists & Elastic People”
  1. I seen a vintage photo image of a child contortionist by the name of Alma Ynclan(1937), while touring the Ripley’s museum in San Antonio, Tx. I have since tried to locate images of her elsewhere to include internet searches and have had no success. Are there any other places to view images of this paticular contortionist. She is the splitting image of one of my inlaws.

  2. Littleton family story, “baby boy was born 7-12-1934, Gladewater,Texas. Local news guy sent to Ripleys, “parents of baby married 12 month 12 weeks, 12 days baby born 12 July at 12 PM” Baby’s name Bobby Joe Littleton. Any record of that? Appreciate checking Thank You

  3. A drawn image of my mother, maiden name, Opal Peavey, was in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! in 1934 for doing the same trick that Lorrain Chevalier was in for…balancing on her teeth while sitting on her head. She was 11 years old at the time, from San Antonio, Texas. She appeared in the syndicated column with the “The Return of the Derelict,” “The Rooster That Smokes,” “Richard Goldstein who can repeat from memory the 52 cards of the deck in order after they’ve been shuffled,” and “The pretzel egg laid by a pigeon.” She’s got publicity stills but I cannot find another image of her anywhere in Ripley’s online. I’m looking all over for more images. Can’t find any, or any record that she was in Ripley’s.

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