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Face Facts

Face Facts

“God has given you one face,
and you make yourselves another”

William Shakespeare

A 58 Year Old Bullet

W. V. Meadows of West Point, Georgia, was shot in the eye at the battle of Vicksburg on July 1, 1863.

Fifty-eight years later he unexpectedly coughed up the Civil War slug (as shown) – July 21, 1932

“The Devil’s Daughter”

Leona Young, of Norwich, NY, applies a blowtorch to her tongue. A colleague of professor Kongee, The Painless Wonder, Young called herself the Devil’s Daughter and performed with hot lead, volcanic explosions and a regulation plumber’s torch, which she passed over her exposed flesh. (March 3, 1938)


Mr. Asbestos Skin

Edmonton, Alberta, boasted a citizen with “asbestos skin”. It seems a Mr. H. H. Getty walked into the editorial offices of the Edmonton Bulletin and proceeded to prove his fire-resisting abilities to a bug-eyed staff.

Mr. Getty could hold a lighted match close to the skin on various parts of his body without an blistering or pain!(may 20, 1940)

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  1. i dont get a thing

  2. boring like school

  3. EXPECTED MUCH MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Went there a couple weeks ago, it was very nice and can’t wait to go back someday. You will be amazed about all the cool facts and activities their are there.

  5. stupid things…………off

  6. Beth Street says:

    The asbestos man was my grandfather.. this is the first picture that I have seen of him.

  7. How do you know its your granfather and why havent you ever seen a picture. How sad. You should let the museum know!!! They might have more pictures or information for you related to him.

    • ‘Dear’ Autumn, I completely believe Beth Street. Are you the world’s supreme judge? i am not credulous, so don’t even think of typing back rude answers.
      And by the way, I have a Ripley’s Believe it or Not book of 2009 and everything is so interesting, not like school at all (Even school is interesting!)

  8. this plainly sucks

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