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CARTOON 03-06-2018

A Michigan dog named Ryder was approved for a weekly $360 unemployment check!

Unemployed Dog in Michigan Receives Government Assistance

How much does your dog make?

One of the Most Unbelievable Spots in America, Snake Alley!

It’s unbelievably crooked…

Odd Spots – Ripley’s Guide to the Curious Corners of America!

Here at Ripley’s, we are delving deep into our archives to locate 100 unbelievable “Odd Spots” around the U.S. that have been featured in our …

John Horwood Was Sentenced to Be Dissected!

He was found guilty of murder.

China Bans Weird Architecture

China’s ban on weird architecture means the rest of us get to spend some time marveling at China’s weird architecture.

Man saws off own foot to continue receiving jobless benefits

[image_border img=”” caption=”” pos=”right” border=”true” buffer=”true” /] Unbelievable? BELIEVE IT! An unemployed Austrian man cut off his own foot with a circular saw so he …

A Mermaid Parade, The Penguin Boy & New Ears

EPISODE 61 The Coney Island Mermaid Parade, as decadent, naked, colorful and fun as it is, marks the official opening of the Atlantic Ocean for …

Deadly Serious Costumes

Patriotic Cross-dressers As far as the modern military is concerned, women in combat is a relatively recent phenomenon. In the present, nearly a dozen countries …