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Thousands Want To Drink The Mummy Juice From An Ancient Sarcophagus

Thousands want to drink the red sewage juice found inside an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.

Debunking 5 Of The Weirdest Laws We’ve Ever Heard

Does Utah have a law prohibiting women from swearing?

Was The World’s Oldest Person A Fraud? New Research Suggests…

Researchers believe the real Calment’s daughter may have been impersonating her.

Some Animals That Are Much Blinder Than Bats

Bats can see three times better than humans.

The Caesar Salad Is Not an American Creation

How prohibition dodgers in Tijuana helped make the salad a success.

Melting Ice In The Himalayas Exposes Skeleton-Filled Lake

Forensic experts say they all exhibit signs of blunt trauma.

Does Peeing On A Jellyfish Sting Stop The Pain?

Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

Are We Facing A Redheads Extinction?

Only about 4-5% of the world’s population carries the gene for red hair.

The Straw Hat Riot Of 1922: The Harsh Version Of No White After Labor Day

Teen boys roamed the streets with large sticks, some with nails protruding on the ends to help hook the straw hats off people’s heads.

Was Civil War Surgery Really Performed Without Anesthetic?

Minié ball bullets often shattered bones, leaving no choice but to amputate.