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The Most Famous Horned Toad in Texas

Old Rip, the most celebrated resident in this Texas town, is said to have survived a 31-year entombment!

The Cathedral of Junk is A Backyard Curiosity

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure at this recycled monument that helps keep Austin weird!

The Tooth Fairy’s Foreign Competitors

Would you leave your tooth under the pillow for a mouse?

Where The World’s Worst VHS Tapes Ended Up

Press play at this quirky L.A. storefront filled with pre-internet gold.

The Man Who Faked Insanity To Avoid Death

Charles Fiester was given a stay of execution, during which he fell into a catatonic state—or so it appeared.

The Windy City Doesn’t Exactly Live Up To Its Name

The capital of New Zealand reigns supreme.

Ernest Hemingway’s Home Is Inhabited By Six-Toed Cats

The first of the felines was known as Snow White.

How One Man Survived 20 Venomous Snake Bites

The hiss-tory of antivenom.

Pterodactyls And Other ‘Flying Dinosaurs’ Were Actually Di-not-saurs

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a flying reptile?

Is Quicksand Actually Strong Enough to Swallow You Whole?

Keep calm and wiggle on.