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Can A Shark Really Smell A Drop Of Blood From A Mile Away?

Their sense of smell and olfactory systems are a hundred times stronger than a human’s.

The Truth About Van Gogh’s Severed Ear

A rival artist may have cut it off with a sword.

Cowboys In The Wild West Didn’t Wear Cowboy Hats

They seemed to actually prefer derby hats.

Did Pocahontas Love John Smith And Save His Life?

She was just 11 years old when John Smith arrived.

A Penny Falling From A Skyscraper Won’t Kill You

Have you ever wanted to drop a penny off a skyscraper?

Feet Keep Washing Ashore In Canada, Sneaker Tech May Be The Culprit

Over 13 feet have washed up in the past decade.

That Time A Pooch Named Pickles Found The Stolen World Cup Trophy…

This “Dog of the Year” was invited to visit Chile, Czechoslovakia, and Germany!

The Huge Appetite Of Louis XIV And The Scientist Who Ate His Mummified Heart

Eat your heart out.

How Shaolin Monks Obtain Their Superpowers

Some have trained their bodies to resist spears and even power drills.

A Brain Museum in Connecticut Features A Steak Signed By Pavlov

Cushing started collecting brains and tumors in 1902.