• Our Team Amsterdam

    BIONEERS, our Team Amsterdam   In 2016 a new BION experience opened its doors at the heart of the city of Amsterdam. The BION creations of Mr. Robert Ripley started almost 100 years ago and up to this day they keep surprising the world with astonishing and unbelievable facts, all completely true. Here in Amsterdam […]

  • International Women’s Day

    Written by the Bioneer Andreea State. International Women’s Day Each year the month of March is a symbol for time renewal and serenity, but more than this, it comemorates the movement about women’s rights. International Women’s Day got its start in 1908 when women expressed themselves by asking for shorter working hours, better payment and […]

  • 7 Days Boxed and Broken

    7 Days Boxed+Broken

    It is not too late! You can still make a donation towards the Doctors Without Borders Foundation now at the Odditorium.