Baltimore Ripley's Moving Theater

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  • Baltimore Ripley's Moving Theater Facts

    It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Better hold onto your seats for this seriously realistic 4D Moving Theater experience. Our state of the art theater with digital effects and motion seats will have you feeling like you’re in the movie!

    A mysterious invader coming from nowhere is destroying all the galaxies it meets. Only you can save mankind from oblivion in Cosmic Fighters 4D or Hold your breath and immerse yourself underwater, the aquatic world looks menacing, but you have an ally. Just follow him – he will guide you to a mysterious underwater city in The Deep 4D.

  • Ripley's Moving Theater
  • Baltimore Ripley's Moving Theater Hours of OperationsHOURS

    Open 365 days a year!
    Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
    Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm
    Sunday: 10am – 8pm


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