Here at Ripley’s, we are delving deep into our archives to locate 100 unbelievable “Odd Spots” around the U.S. that have been featured in our daily cartoon! While we might be digging extensively through our headquarters, we need your help in finding the rarest gems across the country.

Each Odd Spot is commemorated with an original Ripley’s bronze plaque with the Believe It or Not! cartoon engraved on it. Check-in at each Odd Spot to track your journey through the most fascinating, must-see sites as you explore the curious corners of America.

Our first chosen “Odd Spot” is “Snake Alley,” in Burlington, Iowa

Did you know Snake Alley sprawls on the Mississippi River in Southeast Iowa? Ideally situated in the community of Burlington, the regional center for employment, shopping, education, healthcare, and recreation, is the town’s most famous landmark.

Here, at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! we are officially calling Snake Alley one of the most unbelievable, curious spots in America! But wait, WHY? Well, picture this: Snake Alley consists of five half-curves and two quarter-curves. Believe it or not, that spans 275 feet, which means the alley was quite complicated to build. Try riding your bike up that. Wait, you can! The street is the site of an annual uphill bike race, the Snake Alley Criterium, held each Memorial Day weekend. It looks like you just found your next epic adventure. Snake Alley can be compared to those breathtaking yard paths you find in France or Germany since the road is made entirely of limestone and blue clay bricks.


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