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Washington Woman Attacked by Owl… Twice

“It felt like getting punched in the back of the head by someone wearing rings.”

Patient Played Saxophone Throughout His Own Brain Surgery

The doctors studied the music prior to surgery so they would notice any changes.

Just a Number: Group of Skydivers Over Age 80 Break Record

Definitely not your average JOES.

‘Operation Noah’s Ark’ Saves 275 Parrots Stranded by Ian

“I would never leave them. Never.”

Art Exhibit Features Purr-fect Portraits of Nicolas Cage with Cats

This new exhibit is the cat’s meow.

Slime Trail Leads German Customs to Smuggled Surprise

While snails may seem harmless, these gastropods pack a ghastly punch.

Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s Helps Develop New Test

The simple skin swab test can diagnose Parkinson’s disease in just three minutes.

17th-Century ‘Vampire’ Found Buried With Sickle Over Her Neck

It appears spooky season has officially begun!

Best Kids’ Mullet In The U.S. Goes To Wisconsin 8-Year-Old

The Tennessee Top Hat. A Kentucky Waterfall. The Missouri Compromise. No matter what you call it, the mullet reigns supreme when it comes to outrageous hairstyles.

Scientists Find Glowing Arctic Fish With Antifreeze In Its Veins

That’s one way to keep warm!