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Astronomers Plan To Go Magnet Fishing For Meteorite

A magnet the size of a king-size bed will be dropped directly over the meteorite’s calculated landing spot.

Cat Food-Inspired Restaurant To Open In New York

If your mouth has ever watered during a Fancy Feast commercial, this might be for you.

Chess Robot Breaks 7-Year-Old Opponent’s Finger

Robots apparently take the rules of chess very seriously.

Colorado Man Uses Nose To Push Peanut 12.6 Miles Up Pikes Peak

While the trail typically takes up to 13 hours to hike, going at it on hands and knees has a tendency to slow one down.

Florida County Quarantined to Avoid Disease-Spreading Snails

There are some new GALS in Florida, and they ain’t Golden!

Obscure American Girl Doll Memes Explained

Forget Samantha’s tea parties; we need an American Girl doll who got slapped in the face by meat as it rained down from the Kentucky skies!

Amazon Alexa May Soon Sound Like Your Dead Relatives

Missing a loved one? Amazon’s working on a way to bring your dearly departed back into your home.

‘Death’ of Internet Explorer Commemorated With Real Headstone

The notoriously slow browser’s gravestone bears the inscription, “He was a good tool to download other browsers.”

Company Offers $2,000 To Fill Your Home With Cockroaches

More than 2,500 people signed up for the experiment.

83-Year-Old Sails Across Pacific And Into The Record Books

In 2022, Kenichi Horie sailed the ocean blue!