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Pterodactyls And Other ‘Flying Dinosaurs’ Were Actually Di-not-saurs

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a flying reptile?

Is Quicksand Actually Strong Enough to Swallow You Whole?

Keep calm and wiggle on.

If Panama Hats Didn’t Originate In Panama, Where Are They From?

Teddy Roosevelt wore the hat, adding “trendsetter” to his many accolades.

Everything Wrong With The Killer Whale’s Name

Whale, whale, whale. What do we have here?

The Truth About What Was (Or Wasn’t) Under Mr. Rogers’ Sweaters

The reason Mr. Rogers wore colorful sweaters is not what you’d expect.

Carrots, Eyesight, And World War II Propaganda

The British government credited carrots for helping Royal Air Force pilots hunt down German aircraft at night.

The Origins Of Fortune Cookies Are Neither Chinese Nor American

Fortune cookie manufacturing changed when Japanese-Americans were imprisoned during World War II.

Hippo Meat Nearly Became An American Food Staple

Proponents lovingly referred to them as lake bacon.

Goldfish Have Much Longer Memories Than You Think

If you think it’s a meager three seconds, you’ve been duped.

The American Defectors Who became North Korean Movie Stars

Between beatings and psychological torture, they played evil Americans in propaganda films.