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Last Salem ‘Witch’ Pardoned Thanks To Middle Schoolers

Over 300 years after Elizabeth Johnson Jr. was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death, a group of middle schoolers came to her defense.

Invasive Worms Get the Jump on West Coast

And they’re eating their way to the topsoil!

University of Michigan Professors Pee-cycle for Peonies

Don’t stop and smell these flowers!

Space Jellyfish Swims Across Sky After SpaceX Launch

The rocket’s exhaust combined with lighting from the early morning launch to create a stunning visual.

Research Shows Dog Behaviors Are Largely Unrelated to Breed

Your dog has got a paw-sonality of its own!

Whiskey Business: Is Scotch The Future Of Fuel?

Currently, a lot of the by-product goes straight into rivers, oceans, and landfills, but science may have found a way to keep drinking without the waste!

Woman Earns Up To $10k for Branded Baby Names

New York–based professional baby namer Taylor Humphrey will pick the perfect name for your latest little one for the low fee of $1,500 a pop — to start.

Not Just Allergies: Gardener’s Itchy Eye Caused By Fly Larvae

There’s more than pollen to keep an eye out for this allergy season!

Magnetic Slime Robot Could Someday Be Used Retrieve Swallowed Objects

This shape-shifting robot is (almost) ready to make its way into your digestive system!

Missing Genes Allow Vampire Bats To Thrive On Blood-Only Diet

A single vampire bat can drink up to 1.4 times their own weight every time they eat!