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The Fish That Gets Eye Lifts, Chin Jobs, And Other Cosmetic Surgeries

An ideal arowana swims with confidence and is neither too thin nor too fat.

Wait, There Are Vegetarian Piranhas?

These piranhas use their strong jaws to crack open seeds and nuts, rather than tear flesh.

The Creepy Key West Doll They Say Is Haunted

A young boy named Robert Eugene “Gene” Otto was gifted the doll in 1906.

Does A Numb Left Arm Mean A Heart Attack?

“Silent” heart attacks strike one out of five people, reports the CDC.

Funeral Homes Were The First To Provide Ambulances

Law enforcement had a list of funeral homes they would call for emergency assistance.

Octopuses Don’t Have Eight Arms

They might have eight tentacles, but not all of them are arms!

The Often-Overlooked Women Behind Famous Male Writers

Many legendary male writers have women to thank for their success.

Australia’s Glow Worms: A Stunning Larva Light Show

Similar to spiders, the larvae weave webs from the cave’s ceilings that are stippled with drops of mucus.

No, “420” Was Never An LAPD Code For Cannabis

Do you know what a code 420 means?

A Black Belt Does Not Mean Mastery

A student who earns a black belt has learned their basic blocks, kicks, and punches.