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Hong Kong Bus Tour Company Puts Passengers to Sleep

Ulu Travel offers sleep-deprived passengers the chance to snooze and cruise on a dreamy five-hour tour to nowhere.

Australia Pelted With Grapefruit-Sized Hail

Parts of Queensland were bombarded with the largest hailstones the country has ever seen—nearly an inch larger than their previous record!

Strumming Up Facts About John Lennon

In celebration of what would have been Lennon’s 81st birthday, we’re sharing some fun, quirky, and downright unbelievable facts about one of music’s most legendary personalities.

Freaky Three-Eyed Dinosaur Shrimp Emerge from Arizona Desert

Visitors at Arizona’s Wupatki National Monument were in for a spooky surprise this week when torrential rain summoned hundreds of creepy three-eyed critters from the great beyond.

There Are Waterfalls Flowing In The Well of Hell

Omani cave explorers become first to descend to the depths of Yemen’s “Well of Hell,” only to find waterfalls and snakes in place of genies and demons.

Taxi Graveyard Garden Used To Feed Bangkok Drivers

A car park in Thailand is in full bloom after a taxi company transformed its fleet into a community garden to help feed drivers put out of work by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bearded Protection And Cat Communication Win Ig Nobel Prizes

This year’s Ig Nobel Prize Awards winners include upside-down rhinos, beards taking a hit, and just how germy sidewalk gum really is.

Amphibious Whale Fossil Discovered in Egypt

Measuring about 10 feet long and weighing around 1,300 pounds, the newly discovered amphibian was likely a top predator during its heyday 43 million years ago, earning its name, Phiomicetus anubis — after the ancient canine-headed Egyptian god of death.

New Study Shows Hot Dogs Shorten Lives

This week, researchers revealed that each hot dog a person eats could take 36 minutes off of their life. Needless to say, Chestnut’s really racking up the hours.

Three Alaskan Volcanoes Simultaneously Erupting

Home to 130 volcanoes, a single eruption in Alaska is nothing to write home about. However, when three of them decide to put on a show at the same time, we’re looking at some seriously newsworthy nature!