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Crime Historian Digs For Answers In D.B. Cooper Mystery

Half a century after skyjacker D.B. Cooper leapt out of a Boeing 727, taking $200,000 in cash with him, crime historian Eric Ulis is picking up where the FBI left off in solving this infamous crime.

Nickelodeon Favorites Turn 30: Origins Of Iconic Nicktoons

In celebration of Nickelodeon favorites’ pearl anniversaries, we’re sharing some strange and shocking facts behind the sketches of three classic Nicktoons.

Modern Technology Reveals Machu Picchu’s Real Age

Previously believed to have been built between 1440 and 1450 AD, researchers used the radiocarbon dating technique to determine that the World Wonder was actually built about 20 years earlier!

Tourists Get Bang For Their Buck With White Whale Sighting

The exact number of white orcas in the world is unknown, but considering that they were once thought to be mythical, we’d say these tourists got their money’s worth!

Tokyo Olympics Turns Old Phones Into Gold (Medals)

This year’s sustainability-centric Olympics will feature medals made of over 6 million phones, tablets, and laptops!

South Korean University Monetizes The Power Of Poop

A South Korean university has developed a commode that makes use of human waste by turning poop into power — and they pay for contributions!

Remains of Christianized Viking Twins Discovered in Sweden

The remains of eight Christianized Vikings have been discovered in Sweden—including those of twin infants!

Mystical Shaman Snake Staff Charms Archaeologists

According to a study released on Monday, a perfectly preserved 4,400-year-old snake-shaped stick discovered in a lake in Finland may have been a shaman’s staff used to perform mystical rituals.

Massachusetts Man Momentarily Swallowed By Whale

A Massachusetts man was diving for lobsters when a humpback whale swam up and sucked him in, only to spit him back out 40 terrifying seconds later!

Wandering Herd Of Elephants Gains Internet Stardom

China’s latest internet sensations are under constant supervision, with over a dozen drones constantly filming, 24-hour police escorts, and roads closed to ensure their safety. No, we’re not talking about a politician or boy band—we’re talking elephants!