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Child Pianist Cheers Up Lonely Lemurs While Dressed As Alligator

An 11-year-old pianist dressed as an alligator has been giving lonely lemurs at a Thailand zoo something to look forward to with weekly performances in their habitat.

Cannibal Bee-havior Spreads Virus Amongst Colonies

While we’re busy trying to save the bees, honeybees may be thwarting our efforts by spreading a deadly virus through acts of cannibalism.

Space-Aged Wine Set to Sell For $1 Million

Two bottles of Petrus 2000 wine that spent over a year in space are expected to sell for $1 million at Christie’s Auction.

Deep-Sea Angler Makes Way To California Coast

Beach-goers stumbled upon an unexpected find when a Pacific Football Fish mysteriously made its way onto the shores of sunny SoCal.

Las Vegas Pool Crew Chills Out With Ice Age Discovery

A pool installation crew was shocked to discover Ice Age animal bones hidden in the desert sand.

Tenacious Turtle Taunts Lions Quenching Their Thirst

A couple of lions trying to enjoy a refreshing post-feast beverage were interrupted when a fearless turtle popped up from the water.

Fleetwood Mac And The “Rumours” That Defined Them

What’s old is new again, as Gen Z falls in love with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac.

Rescued Pelican Returns Home 11 Years After Traumatic Exit

A brown pelican has finally made its way back home to Louisiana after being rescued from a massive oil spill over a decade ago.

Stranded Giraffes Rafted to Safety

Conservationists save a mother and baby giraffe, ending a months-long rescue mission in Kenya.

Ayanna Williams Cuts Record-Breaking Claws After 30 Years

After 30 years of growing out her fingernails, Ayanna Williams made the call to cut off her record-breaking claws!