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Las Vegas Pool Crew Chills Out With Ice Age Discovery

A pool installation crew was shocked to discover Ice Age animal bones hidden in the desert sand.

Tenacious Turtle Taunts Lions Quenching Their Thirst

A couple of lions trying to enjoy a refreshing post-feast beverage were interrupted when a fearless turtle popped up from the water.

Fleetwood Mac And The “Rumours” That Defined Them

What’s old is new again, as Gen Z falls in love with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac.

Rescued Pelican Returns Home 11 Years After Traumatic Exit

A brown pelican has finally made its way back home to Louisiana after being rescued from a massive oil spill over a decade ago.

Stranded Giraffes Rafted to Safety

Conservationists save a mother and baby giraffe, ending a months-long rescue mission in Kenya.

Ayanna Williams Cuts Record-Breaking Claws After 30 Years

After 30 years of growing out her fingernails, Ayanna Williams made the call to cut off her record-breaking claws!

Mafia Fugitive Captured After Trading Trafficking For Tortellini Tutorials

Don’t forget to like, subscribe…and arrest? After seven years of searching, law enforcement tracked an Italian mafia fugitive after discovering his cooking show on YouTube.

Betty the Frog Crowned Cadbury’s Easter Bunny

Ribbiting Rabbits! An Australian White tree frog named Betty is leaping into history as the first amphibian ever crowned Cadbury’s Easter Bunny.

Dozing Arctic Walrus Drifts All The Way To Emerald Isle

A walrus fell asleep and traveled from the Arctic Circle to the shores of Ireland—just in time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Explosive Meteor Shakes Vermont With A Bang Equal To 440 Pounds Of TNT

A 10-pound meteor exploded through Vermont’s sky with a bang equivalent to 440 pounds of TNT.