Greetings Ripley Detectives,

Fantastic news—the briefcase is back in the Ripley Warehouse! Last month’s ransom note led us to San Diego Comic-Con, where we had an amazing time interacting with fans!


And thanks to your clever code-cracking, we were also able to meet with the person who bought the briefcase at the Hotel Taft auction in April. We put a hidden microphone on a Ripley representative before they met. Listen to their conversation to find out how we got the briefcase back.


When you’ve heard all they have to say, follow this link to submit your entry for Month 8!
Couldn’t quite hear the audio? Don’t worry, we have a transcript you can read here.


And remember, when you correctly solve a clue during an active month, you are entered for a chance to win $500! If you get stuck, you can email for a helpful hint!

Happy sleuthing!

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