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Ripley's Red Train Tours is the only sightseeing tour in St. Augustine that allows you to choose when you use your tickets!Welcome to Ripley's Red Train Tours! Since 1953, we've been St. Augustine’s ORIGINAL sightseeing train tour! Step off and re-board at your leisure at over 20 convenient stops for attractions, historic sites, restaurants, and shopping here in the “Nation’s Oldest City”. Ride the Red Train for one day, and add as many consecutive days as you'd like for only $5 a day! giving you plenty of time to see all that St. Augustine has to offer! More

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From our family album to yours, there’s plenty of fun filled photos with memorable experiences on Ripley’s Red Train Tours. Check out some of what you can expect while on board, or throughout our train stops…  


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St. Augustine’s old-world history lures visitors of all ages and distances to discover its cobblestone streets filled with stories yet to be heard by you! Each one of our non-scripted train conductors will take you to over 20 stops around out beautiful city.