Fountain of Youth

In 1513 a former shipmate of Christopher Columbus became the first European man to set foot on what is now the mainland of the United States of America. And he did so right here along the Florida coastline.

Ponce De Leon was said to be looking for an island with mysterious healing water. The ability of the natural spring water here at the Fountain Of Youth archaeological park to turn back the hands of time is debatable, but the beauty of this 15 acre plot of coastal property is not. The native Timucuan Indians called this property home for thousands of years before the Spanish arrived.

Spanish explorer Pedro Menendez arrived here 52 years after Ponce and the colony of St. Augustine began here as the natives shared their land with the Spaniards for several months. Historic excavations in the 1930’s by the Smithsonian Institute revealed the first Christian Indian burials in North American history on this property.

Local Points of Interest


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