Greetings Ripley Detectives,

Can you believe the gall of this “BION Bandit” buffoon? First they steal Ripley’s briefcase, and now they’re going auction it off! Now there’s only one thing to do—turn spy and buy it back!

We’ve managed to find the auction sign up, but it looks like Hotel Taft Auctions are pretty strict about who they let in. You’re going to need to prove to these people that you’re a serious connoisseur of Ripley content.

Visit to learn about our history—you never know what sort of Ripley trivia the auction house might ask.

Speaking of history, the biggest Ripley fans know that we started as a humble newspaper cartoon. We’ve even featured some auction-related Believe It or Not! facts! Here are some to get you started, in case you need to engage in some convincing auction house small talk:

Pricey Japanese melons
The most expensive dress bought at auction
An auction of monumental proportions

Think you’re ready to sign up for the auction?


And remember, when you correctly solve a clue during an active month, you are entered for a chance to win $500! If you get stuck, you can email for a helpful hint!

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