Hello Ripley Detectives,

Bad news—somebody sniped the bid! We severely underestimated how much people would want to own a piece of Ripley’s history. Although, maybe we should have seen that coming, considering how many places we’ve been popping up recently…

Perhaps the person who bought the briefcase saw that we announced the return of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! to TV! If they follow us on Twitter, they would have seen who is hosting the new show:

Or maybe it’s because Ripley’s Aquariums are the home-base for the popular Earth Odyssey show on NBC. Have you watched it yet?

It could be that the buyer heard about the Carnival of Curi-Oddities, our live show celebrating astounding individuals with unbelievable talents!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg—no wonder everyone wants a piece of Ripley’s for themselves! Your mission this month is to check out these Ripley-related shows using the links above. Meanwhile, we’ll try to find out more about who bought Robert Ripley’s briefcase and why!

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Happy sleuthing!

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