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Students will explore 15 individual air-conditioned themed rooms featuring over 400 educational and unbelievable exhibits, amazing stories of history and adventure, wacky art creations, magic, mystery, incredible optical illusions, interactive games, and our very own Ripley’s Impossible LaseRace attraction! A unique and engaging journey of an hour or more- That’s WOW Factor Fun for EVERYONE! Your Students will see things that can’t be seen anywhere else, while learning and having fun. It’s a totally different experience in every way! Ripley’s has also developed free scout resource packs to support your adventure! Our teaching resources brings you some of the flavour of the world of Ripley and is designed to be used in conjunction with an Oddly Educational! school visit. The whole experience will stimulate curiosity, but better still the projects are fun to do and fully in line with curriculum requirements! Combine these with a school visit and not only are the lessons brought to life but it will make learning outside the classroom truly Oddly Educational!

Group Rates

Special group rates for 10 students or more:

5-12 years: $14.30
13-17 years & over: $18.30

*Teachers are FREE when accompanying groups!
*Groups larger than 19 people are eligible for a larger discount. PLEASE CALL 55920040 for more details of larger groups.

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