Moms are amazing!

To celebrate this Mother’s Day the right way, we’ve come out with a special tribute list of some of the most interesting and amazing mothers ever.


1.  Lillie Belle Yucca

This is LeRoy Robert Ripley’s mother! She was a hard worker who was left to raise a 15-year-old LeRoy on her own. To make ends meet, she did laundry and took in boarders.

Robert Ripley's Mother, Lillie Belle Yucca

Robert Ripley’s Mother, Lillie Belle Yucca

2. Felipa Grijalba

This wax figure represents the oldest mother to give birth to a baby. Felipa was reportedly 101 years old when she gave birth to her son. She passed away at 120 years of age.

Felipa Grijalba

Felipa Grijalba

3. Mexican Vampire Woman

Vampire Woman (Maria Jose Cristerna) is a true inspiration to her four children. She teaches them to fearlessly be themselves. She has an eye tattoo to represent each of them saying she got eyes because her children, “are always going to be watching [her] [and] they will be copying [her] actions.” She goes on to further say this: “you have to try and be better.”


Maria Jose Cristerna


4. Barbie Thomas

Barbie Thomas lost both of her arms when she was just two years old. She wasn’t expected to live. She hasn’t let that stop her from competing in fitness competitions–or raising children–though. Rather, Barbie is a great role model who shows her children every day the power of determination and dedication. Barbie works out nearly every day of the week to continue competing.

Barbie Thomas

Barbie Thomas

5. Brooke Scollin

At 27, mother Brooke has given her cousin the greatest gift of all–the gift of life. After seeing her cousin struggle for nearly ten years trying to having a biological baby, Brooke underwent an embryo transfer which resulted in a pregnancy for Brooke and a baby for her cousin. Not only did she carry the baby to term, she also spent the following four months pumping milk for the baby while at work. The experience has undeniably brought the two family members closer together than they ever were before.

via Rachel Meiring / KDOG photography / Parenting

via Rachel Meiring / KDOG photography / Parenting

6. Uma’s Story

After Uma’s husband passed away, she was unable to secure support from relatives. It was recommended to her that she join a cooperative called Piece & Co. in order to care for her family financially. She joined the India-based cooperative right away. Now, she spends her days checking fabrics and end products of nursing scarves all the while securing a brighter future for her family. She is now able to manage her children’s education, basic needs and medical expenses.



7. Ellen Ford

Ellen Ford lost her ten-year-old girl, Florence Irene Ford, to yellow fever in 1871. No matter how much time passes, we can’t stop thinking of this heartbreaking mother-daughter story. After she lost her baby girl, a distraught Ellen had steps built down to the head of the casket and a glass window installed so that she could comfort her child during the thunderstorms that had always terrified her. On many nights, Ellen could be found sitting underground with her daughter. She would read or sing to her.

Florence Irene Ford Grave

Florence Irene Ford’s Grave

8. Joanna Krzysztonek

This Polish mother endured an excruciating 75 days of labor—upside down! Well, almost upside down. You see, after losing one of her triplets to premature birth, her only option was to stay in the position that allowed her other two babies to further develop and increase their likelihood of survival. Her two children were born at 32 weeks.

Joanna Krzysztonek

Joanna Krzysztonek – via Reuters | Mail Online

9. Angie Taylor

Angie Taylor is one of those amazing mothers that truly let their child indulge in playtime. Son Joshua Taylor has been making face masks and disguises out of nearly anything and everything since he watched The Haunted Mask at a mere 18 months old. Angie says, “He is fascinated with facial features, noses, cheeks, and shapes and we (her and her husband) have started to look at it as an art form. We plan on making him an area in the basement to be his workshop where he can build, create, and sculpt all he wants.”

Angie Taylor