Tai the 42 year old Asian elephant is the star of this summer’s gangbuster movie, Water for Elephants. Kari Johnson, who with her husband Gary – owners of Have Trunk Will travel – are the trainers behind this great and talented beast and Kari joins us on this week’s Ripley Radio, to tell us all about Tai’s acting talents, how she got hired, and how much the human stars of the film loved the affable pachyderm.

Richard Lustig stops by the studio to give us hints on how to improve our chances of winning the lottery and to discuss his new book on the subject.

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Additional random amazements discussed this week


  • Also this week, Judika Illes returns to discuss some of the better known people through history who were proponents of the paranormal, including Thomas Edison who is often referred to as the Father of the Paranormal.
  • Intern Abby returns with a report on fitness guru Richard Simmons’ new, very funny gig providing pre-flight instructions on New Zealand Air.
  • We learn from Ralf that women eat more than five tubes of lipstick a year.
  • Tim challenges the group on their knowledge of Lady Gaga.
  • Edward talks about the elephant collectibles Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has in its collection.