Armless Tattoo Artist

Brian Tagolog was born missing both arms, but that hasn’t stopped him from leading a normal life.

Brian has learned to use his feet to perform daily  tasks, drive a car, and even ink intricate tattoo designs onto willing customers.

How It All Started

Perhaps the only certified armless tattoo artist, the 26-year-old from Hawaii has always been interested in drawing.

When he set his sight on becoming a tattoo artist, he had to work hard to hone his drawing skills; after his aunt bought him his first tattoo gun, he learned to manipulate the trigger with his toes.

Angie, his mother, always wanted to let her son explore his options, perhaps what has given Brian the confidence to follow his dreams.

The Process

Brian draws the design with his right foot on tracing paper, then uses both feet to guide the gun and create the client’s design.

He even operates his own shop in Arizona called Tattoos By Foot, and reports he’s never had a dissatisfied customer.

“Go for it, and never give up.” -Brian

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