This Week

[May 26-June 1st, 2019] The tiniest baby on record, a malware-infested laptop, a 97-year-old prom queen, and the rest of the week’s weird news from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Smallest Baby

Born after just 23 weeks and three days of gestation, micro-preemie baby Saybie was born weighing about the same as an apple. Now, after being discharged from Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, she weighs a healthy 5.6 pounds. The University of Iowa keeps a Tiniest Baby Registry and notes that she is the smallest baby on record, weighing a full 7 grams less than a baby born in Germany in 2015.

baby saybie

Via Sharp Mary Birch Hospital

GPS to Rom(e)

A veteran of road trips from his home in northern England to Rome, Italy, 81-year-old Luigi Ramanti thought his latest trip would be as simple as putting it in his car’s GPS and setting off. After completing his journey in record time, however, he was disappointed that he couldn’t find the Colosseum or Trevi Fountain. Instead, he found a German village of fewer than 70 people. He had arrived in Rom, Germany.

gps to rome

Persistence Of Chaos

An object that frightens even the staunchest of IT security experts has just sold for $1.345 million at auction. Loaded with the most dangerous malware of the past few years, this laptop is infected with viruses like WannaCry and MyDoom—malicious software that holds user files for ransom. Thankfully, the new owner won’t even be able to check his email on the computer, as any means of communicating with other systems has been disabled.

unsecured laptop

97-Year-Old Prom Queen

Helen Danis missed her chance to go to prom. When the now 97-year-old woman was in high school, the Great Depression was in full swing, meaning her parents couldn’t afford a dress or tickets. Now, almost 80 years later, her granddaughter decided to make the near-centenarian’s wish come true. The two attended prom at a high school in Warwick, Rhode Island. Helen wore a lavender gown, danced the night away, and was even named honorary prom queen.

prom queen tiara


Memphis is probably best known for its barbecue, but to TSA agents at the city’s airport, barbecue is somewhat notorious. In the wake of the World Champion Barbecue Cooking Contest, security agents have had to issue a special warning to travelers asking them to refrain from putting bottles of barbecue sauce in their carry-on.

bbq sauce spilled