The masked rainbow-socked-wearing guy you see above goes by a few pseudonyms, like Lobster boy, and our favorite BLACK SCORPION!

Did we mention that he’s awesome? He is also featured in our new book Reality Shock, which, by the way, is now available for sale.

Lobster Claw Syndrome

Black Scorpion aims to change people’s perceptions by helping them realize that “freaks” are no different from anyone else.

Black Scorpion is the creative director, writer, and performer for 999 Eyes Freakshow but he also works at a news station in Austin, Texas, where he’s just known as Jason Black.

He has some very unique features (besides the bright pink bandit mask) … his hands and feet have only three fingers each. It’s called Ectrodactyly, also known as Lobster Claw syndrome.

"Lobster Claw Syndrome" is one of the things that make Jason Black unique!

“Lobster Claw Syndrome” is one of the things that make Jason unique!

Performing For A Cause

Black Scorpion aims to change people’s perceptions by helping them realize that “freaks” are not different from any anyone else.

At Ripley’s Believe It or Not! we’re all about showing off and embracing your own uniqueness! That’s why we’re huge fans of Mr. Jason Black.

You’ll be seeing him featured in the new book Reality Shock!

Behind the Scenes

The team had the fantastic opportunity to meet The Black Scorpion and some of his performing friends in person.

We did a great photo shoot with them. Here are a few of our favorites pics, there’s even more in the book!

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