Have you seen a Brahma Chicken?

We’re guessing you’ve never really thought about the best chicken breed to raise in your backyard, right? From laying eggs to tender meat, the Brahma chicken was once the American choice.

These chickens can grow anywhere from nine to eighteen pounds!  That’s why people are losing their feathers after seeing a video of a gigantic Brahma nonchalantly walking around a farm. It’s been said that chickens are the closest living relative to a dinosaur, and this Brahma is a T-rex!

History of the Brahma Chicken

While there’s still some controversy over the origin of this bird, it seems that it was created in the United States from a crossbreed of Shanghai birds from China and Chittagong chickens from Bangladesh.

Brahmas were first exported to England when George Burnham sent nine of his finest birds to Queen Victoria as a gift. After this publicized event, the chickens, which ranged around $12 to $15, spiked in price to a whopping $150. What a coop!

Brahma Chicken

Via Wikipedia Commons

Did you know

  • The Brahma Chicken has been recognized by the American Poultry Association since 1874? No wonder it’s been dubbed “The King of All Poultry.” Ughhhh, thank you very much!
  • They come in light, dark, or buff shades.
  • Brahma hens can lay about three eggs per week and continue to do so even through winter.
  • Despite their size, they are friendly and quiet.
  • Since they are a larger breed, they need more space than the standard for poultry breeds.