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Dirt bikes on roller coasters, an iMac hamster wheel, fishing with drones, clever killer whales, and a baby Bruce Lee. HiYa!

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5. Dirt biking a roller coaster track

Julien Dupont recently took his extreme biking to new heights. Heights like 110-feet in the air on Mexico’s only wooden roller coaster: Montaña Rusa. Dupont covered the entire 4000-foot long track performing wheelies, flips and other stunts.

4. iMac Hamster Wheel

When most people get a new computer, they just throw the boxes away, right? Not if you’re Mike Campadore from George Fox University. The systems administrator collected the trapezoidal iMac boxes for nearly a year with the intention of turning them into a human-sized hamster wheel. The final product took 36 boxes, stands almost 9 feet tall, weighs 130 pounds, and obviously has no problem transporting a hamster, or even a full-grown man for that matter!

3. Clever Killer Whale

Check out this killer whale named Kalia, who was recorded using a small fish to bait the local bird population. Once Kalia drops the fish, she slides back in the water and waits patiently for one of the birds to come for a closer inspection.

2. Fishing with a drone

Not to be outdone by whales, man has devised a new means to fish from the sky. A tech savvy farmer has outfitted his drone for fishing. He catches a real “lunker” before snapping a selfie with the titanic catch. While it’s still a bit of a novelty right now, there is a company called Aquadrone developing its own line of fishing drone.

Ripley's BION of the Week1. Kung-fu Kid

Ryuji Imai from Japan adores martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee, and has perfected his own imitation of the martial arts master. Donning the iconic yellow jumpsuit, Ryuji perfectly imitates the kung-fu master. The moves, sounds, even the facial expressions match perfectly to the 1972 classic, Game of Death.

These tiny fists of fury are our BION pick of the week!

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