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Bears chased by tiny bulldogs, mammoths in meat ponds, otters using inhalers, volcanic lightning, and a glowing sea turtle!

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5. What’s a Meat Pond?

A 15,000-year-old mammoth skeleton was recently found in Michigan. Peculiarly many parts of the skeleton were missing. The working theory is that this mammoth was stored in what’s known as a “meat pond” by ancient man for later. This could be one of the most important clues to ancient human activity.

4. Asthmatic Otter

The Seattle Aquarium has diagnosed the first sea-otter with asthma. 1-year-old sea-otter, Mishka has been having trouble breathing in the wake of wildfires. Vets have started training her to use an inhaler, trying to make it as fun as possible for the playful pup.

3. “Dirty” Lightning

The phenomenon of lightning storms produced by volcanic ash clouds is known as “dirty lightning”. Unlike normal lightning, scientists believe the discharge of certain positively charged rocks are what make volcanic lightning so violent.

2. Glowing Turtle (ooze unrelated)

Looking like a bright red and green UFO, he first biofluorescent turtle was found in the Solomon Islands. Biofluroescence is the characteristic of absorbing—and then ejecting—light. Researchers hypothesize these turtles glow in the dark in order to aid in night time migration.

Ripley's BION of the Week1. 20-lb Bulldog Scares Away Bears

What does it take to keep bears away? Apparently just 20 pounds of French Bulldog. After 2 curious, 100-pound bears wandered into her territory, little Jules sent them scurrying away. In exchange for her valor she was rewarded with a bath treats, and plenty of kisses, which is what makes this our BION pick of the Week!

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