The Calendhair

Mike Wolfe of Idaho has taken manscaping to bold new levels by using his hairy back to create a calendar.

Teaming up with Tyler Harding, they created 12 different designs.

The project started in 2008 when Wolfe asked his graphic designer friend to shave an American flag into his back.


AmHAIRica the Beautiful

It takes Wolfe four months to regrow his hair and be ready for a new design. Once the hair has grown in, it takes Wolfe just an hour to finish mast-hair-piece.


Canvas (Michael Wolfe) and artist (Tyler Harding)

You can buy a calendhair off of their website for $20. Some of the profits are used to support an orphanage on Kenya.

Happy New YHAIR


FinHAIR Four

EastHAIR Bunny

M-HAIRY-achy Band


AmHAIRica the beautiful

BackHAIR to School

Are you ready for some HAIRball?

Grimm ReapHAIR

Give thanks with a grateful HAIRt

Away in a MangHAIR

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