Being a contortionist is no easy feat, and Tori Kubick has taken it one step further by introducing water into her act! That’s right, Tori has shocked the world by combining her stand-up paddleboard with her body-bending routines!

Bending Expectations

Tori began her career as a professional dancer, but while touring the world, she felt that something was missing. She came to the realization that she wanted to pursue contortion professionally and was encouraged by a friend to go to Mongolia to learn the art of Mongolian-style contortion.

Once her dancing tour wrapped, Tori took the first opportunity she had and used the money she saved to fly to Mongolia and train in a beginner class. The training pushed Tori to her physical and mental limits, and although she struggled in the beginning, she continued to push through and began to see herself make major improvements.

Tori Kubick

Courtesy of Tori Kubick, Jonathan Petit

Thinking Inside the Box

Becoming a professional contortionist was only the first challenge that Tori would endure. As Tori improved her flexibility, she began experimenting with balancing and adding more balance exercises to her daily routine.

Tori would go on to develop an entire contortion routine around her balancing ability by utilizing a floating paddleboard in the water, where she not only balances but bends and folds her body while simultaneously staying afloat!

Tori Kubick

Courtesy of Tori Kubick, Patrick Jansen

Tori’s deep understanding of balance is what would eventually allow her to bring her routine to the water through the use of her paddleboard. She remains constantly impressed by what the body is capable of with proper training and laser focus. And those observing her paddleboard routine are equally in awe of her physiology-defying moves!

Pushing the Limits

Since filming with Ripley’s, Tori has gone on to implement even more complicated components into her act, including handstand canes that leave her balancing more than a foot above her stand-up paddleboard!

Tori Kubick

Courtesy of Tori Kubick, Mike Winkles

Want to stay up to date with Tori and all of her mesmerizing body bending? Find her on Instagram and stay in the know about her whereabouts, newest routines, and of course, mind-boggling poses!

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