Foggy, cold morning yet again, light Western wind, still rolling quite a bit from swells at different angles, but it’s not raining. I cannot claim to have slept well due to rolling about with the motion, but I am feeling good! Bum and fingers are better, back is fine. My arms and shoulders have not given any problems. Wind is supposed to freshen a lot, but will stay West or Northwest. That’s fine, I’d like to meander further South if possible.
The mail has arrived, probably delivered by the morning male mail – whale again! It’s from Finn, my grandson in London (8 in 2 days!). He hopes I have not run out of ketchup yet! Picture of a ketchup-bottle lawyer in court :”All I’ll say is, my information is from a reliable sauce…”! Inside a drawing of me in Fox II and “Dear morfar, don’t capsize! You’re the best! Love, Finn xxx”
Well, dear Finn, hope you do not mind a proud grandfather publicizing your card. Thank you, very, very much! Hope your and Soren’s new bedrooms are fine and finished!
Finn has reasons for mentioning capsize. His mother, my daughter Elisabeth, capsized while rowing from Tenerife to Barbados after about 400 nm in 1999. She had enough of ocean rowing after that narrow escape, but it prompted Diana to do it instead!
I feel pretty certain I am past halfway in time now. Ahead should be more Southwest and West winds as a result of the Azores high pressure build-up in summer. So I can start to think more clearly about what will happen after arriving in Hugh Town.
Still foggy. Wet-weather gear damp and ready.

And then that evening, Stein ran into a spot of trouble.

Day 60, evening.
Very bad weather, unfortunately, difficult to write. Lots of banging and sprays and boat tossing around me. Pretty hellish, actually. Forecast said calming down, it did the opposite. Wind picked up first coupled with cold rain in the morning. I did 5.5 hours, then just drifted with anxiety until the sea anchor was finally set. No sun, fog first half.
But anyway, more tomorrow. No damage, no salt water inside, but a lot of wet gear, including survival suit. But managed to make supper and with soothing music trying to dominate all the noise. Strange drift, so current probably part of why such nasty waves, but wind still much stronger than forecast.
Saw several pilot whales close today!